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The Revolution Collection


Leto Ring is made with recycled 925 sterling silver 24ct gold plated.


In Greek mythology, Leto (Leta) is the revered goddess of motherhood, widely worshipped alongside her children, Apollo and Artemis. Her esteemed position as a maternal figure highlights the importance of motherhood in ancient Greek culture. Leto's significance lies in her role as the devoted mother of Apollo, the god of the sun, music, and prophecy, and Artemis, the goddess of the hunt and the moon. Her worship reflects the Greeks' deep respect for the nurturing aspect of motherhood and the reverence they hold for Leto and her divine offspring.

  • This piece is completely handmade with lost wax casting method. It’s the process where Hespérides take a hand-carved wax model and turn it into a finished piece in precious metal.

    Each piece is unique and might vary slightly from portrayed images.