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Aybeniz Tilbe YILDIRIM

Aybeniz Tilbe YILDIRIM graduated with honors in Interior Architecture in 2018. After working in this industry for several years, she founded the HESPÉRIDES Jewelry brand by combining her lifelong curiosity about gemstones, archaeology, art, and design into a multidisciplinary blend. Aybeniz Tilbe YILDIRIM creates handcrafted jewelry in Istanbul, Turkiye that draws inspiration from the clean and minimalistic aesthetics of the ancient time period and the enigmatic essence of mythology. These unique pieces are meticulously handcrafted in HESPÉRIDES’ Istanbul atelier, using recycled solid gold and sterling silver with traditional craftsmanship techniques, ensuring that no two pieces are alike.


The creative process at HESPÉRIDES is intuitive and playful, with each piece envisioned and meticulously shaped at the atelier. Techniques such as hammering, burning, and dripping are employed to craft the distinct organic signatures and surfaces that HESPÉRIDES is renowned for, resulting in wearable miniature works of art.


HESPÉRIDES takes great care in sourcing gemstones from around the world through local partners. Only the highest quality gemstones are used.

Jewelry of the Hespérides

Welcome to the jewels garden of Hespérides, a bridge of mythology, history and art-inspired fine jewelry brand, bringing wonderful treasures to life. Craftsmanship combined with a dreamy aesthetic showcases the mythological world in all its glory. 

Greetings to the explorers of the jewels world through Hespérides.

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HESPÉRIDES Artisan Jewelry collection is inspired by Neroli, the blossom of bitter Orange fruit...

According to a Myth, Hesperides, the nymphs of the evening and golden light of sunsets, guarded the tree bearing golden apple like bitter oranges,  that Gaia gave to Hera at her marriage to Zeus.

The sacred garden with the bitter orange tree is also guarded by the hundred-headed dragon, named Ladon. Hercules, son of Zeus travels to reach the tree that is said to grant immortality to whoever eats the golden apples...

On the west edge of the world, he found Atlas, father of the nymphs, holding the weight of the world. Hercules told Atlas he would hold the World if Atlas went to Hera's garden to get golden apples for him. Atlas gladly agrees and Hercules takes the world from Atlas' shoulders. Atlas not wanting to take the weight of the world back told Hercules he would take the apples back himself. But, Hercules tricks Atlas into taking back the world, by telling Atlas he just needed him to have Atlas hold the world for a moment, so he could make a pad for his shoulders. Atlas took the world back from Hercules, and Hercules took off with the golden apples back to the King...

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