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The Revolution Collection


Ceres Bracelet is made with recycled 925 sterling silver 24ct gold plated.


Completely handmade and set with a lab grown diamond.


Ceres, often referred to as the Eternal Mother, is the offspring of Saturn and Ops. She held the role of the Roman goddess overseeing agriculture, grain, women, motherhood, marriage, and law. It was proposed that Ceres' emotional state influenced the cycle of seasons. The winter months aligned with the period when her daughter, Proserpina, was required to reside in the underworld alongside Pluto. This arrangement was due to Proserpina consuming a pomegranate, a fruit from the underworld.

  • This piece is completely handmade with lost wax casting method. It’s the process where Hespérides take a hand-carved wax model and turn it into a finished piece in precious metal.

    Each piece is unique and might vary slightly from portrayed images.

VAT Included