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The Revolution Collection


Dione Ring is made with recycled 925 sterling silver 24ct gold plated.


Completely handmade and set with a moon stone and two princess cut smokey quartz.


Dione is a prophetic Titan-goddess in Greek mythology, known for co-presiding over the Oracle at Dodona alongside Zeus. She had the gift of prophecy and was revered for her ability to foretell the future. According to some accounts, Dione is considered to be the mother of the goddess Aphrodite. However, it's important to note that the origin of Aphrodite varies in different myths. While some stories attribute Aphrodite's birth to Dione, others depict her as being born from the sea foam. Despite the differing accounts of Aphrodite's parentage, Dione remains a significant figure in Greek mythology due to her association with prophecy and her role in the sacred Oracle at Dodona.