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The Revolution Collection
Roman Signet Ring - Smokey Quartz

Roman Signet Ring - Smokey Quartz

Roman Signet Ring is made with recycled 925 sterling silver 24ct gold plated.


Completely handmade and set with a smokey quartz.


Smoky Quartz possesses a captivating color resembling midnight clouds under a full moon, evoking the allure of the mystical realm. However, its true potency lies in its remarkable grounding properties. It stands ready to dispel any negativity that may come your way, acting as a reliable anchor during challenging times. Much like a magical multivitamin for the soul, Smoky Quartz serves various purposes. It acts as a detoxifier, purging negative influences and energies. Additionally, it amplifies positive energy, infusing you with renewed vitality. Moreover, it can be a powerful talisman, particularly beneficial for aligning and balancing the root chakra.

  • This piece is completely handmade with lost wax casting method. It’s the process where Hespérides take a hand-carved wax model and turn it into a finished piece in precious metal.

    Each piece is unique and might vary slightly from portrayed images.

VAT Included